music curation

music curation

Twenty five years of music programming experience means that Robby knows when to drop the right record and knows the perfect band to book.

He creates seamless experiences that keep dancefloors jumping or festival fields full and finds the right piece of music to suit the mood.

From a teen behind the Technics at beach parties, graduating through clubland and the UK’s most iconic radio station BBC Radio 1, to booking the likes of Stevie Wonder, Elton John or Missy Elliott and the Beastie Boys for 50,000 festivalgoers at his and Josie’s Bestival festival, and providing music supervision for films & TV, Robby has the kind of tastemaker music knowledge that few can claim to match.

Be it world class festivals, weddings, sunset raves or bar mitzvahs, Robby makes the party happen and has done for a host of clients that include BBC Radio 1, Virgin & Sir Richard Branson, Selfridges, W Hotels, Lux Hotels, Sharps Brewery, plus Land Rover BAR & now Team Ineos 

So, if you want a killer live line-up or an amazing DJ; to design a soundtrack to create the right atmosphere, or to curate and licence a playlist or a physical compilation, from the initial idea right through to the encore, Robby and Sleep Retreat have the expertise to make it happen.